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Unique Cedar

Below is a list of items we have King Specialized insourced in and have accumulated during our 40 plus years of living in Franklin county northern NY. Owning 115 acres of Northern White Cedar that has not been harvested in more than 100 years has provided us with many unique sizes and shapes of cedar.

The Ice storm of '98 left our woods with many tops broken off completely, leaving trees dead and other limbs still salvageable. The trees with the tops broken eventually grew new twisted tops with many new limbs which led to twisted leg perfect for your family dining table! Others as long as 12" were under heavy loads of ice giving us large trunks 15' in length with a large curve. Other trunks came out with large sweeping curves perfect for curved bridges perfect for dry creeks leading to your A+ landscaping effect. We also have some 3-4" diameter more than 12" long with double curves like a snake, 12" diameter some with open center can be used for end tables, bundles or the open centers can be used as planters.

New Products we harvested this winter 2011-2012

  • All sizes of flairs
  • A few trees 25' plus with 6" on small end
  • A few trees 25' with very little taper, because of small amounts of snow the bark has been scared even though great attempts have been made to preserve the bark.
  • 12" diameter 2" thick round cedar garden path steps
  • Cedar log built adirondack lean-to with cedar shingles, cedar slab double lap or green steel
  • Fireplace mantel's of sugar maple, black cherry, white cedar, white pine 2"-3" thick wane side out or straight side out cut to length.
  • Yellow or (curly birch) or white birch 12" in diameter logs whole or slab sawed or half sawed for full mantel piece, some dried more than 2 years stored inside
  • White pine slab sawed 2-3" and up
  • White pine boards 1" thick 24"+ wide stickered and stored inside
  • Bark off white cedar slab wood some straight cut on one side many can be straight square sawed 4-6" for windows and door jams from lumber sawed 1 1/2 years ago.
  • White Cedar rough cut lumber 1"x4"-8' and up 2x4-8', 4x4", 6x6, 4x6-8' and up to 16' long for roof rafters.
  • Cedar logs 3"-14" inches wide and 5-12' lengths cut to select for the best use purpose straight or curved
  • Lilac, Gray or Blue stone (sedimentary) pattern and irregular walk or patio stone
  • Large stone slabs for steps and stairs 5-8" thick up to 20sqft of blue stone or lilac color sandstone pink and buff
  • Barn beams for an 1840 local barn with varying lengths.
  • Real Chalk Boards "slate" from a grade school Built in 1925 42" high varying lengths can cut to size.

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