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Our Plants

We have many more plants in our store than are listed here!

Proven Winner Annuals

Diamond Frost
Drought tolerant, white, airy accent

Vista Bubblegum Petunia
Large pink trailing petunia, stunning

Sky Blue Lobelia
The perfect blue for any planter


Come in red, white, pink. Perfect for cemetary's and window boxes.

Multi Colored, Yellow, Pinks, Purples, Oranges. Can be put basically anywhere and watch them grow!

Dusty Miller
A perfect accent plant to offset your color combinations

Spikes & Vines
The perfect addition to any container or window box to height or dramatic length


Large ground covering plant perfect for shade

Cone flower
Pinks, oranges, greens, whites, yellow. Butterfly Loving, deer resistant. Long Lasting.

Pink and Red. Butterfly Loving, assorted heights

Upright & Creeping. Multiple Colors. Butterfly Loving. Perfect garden accents.

Long bloom time, beautiful fragrances and colors.

Ornamental Shrubs

Long bloom time, multi color & sizes, perfect for any yard

Burning Bushes
Beautiful fall color, makes a great hedge

The perfect accent plant to any yard. Deer resistant, great fall accent color.

Great for any part of your garden. Easy to grow, fragrant and grown on their own root. Available in multiple Varieties & colors.

Fragrant. These color popping shrubs come in many different varieties. It's the perfect gift!

Fruiting Shrubs

Need 2 different varieties in order to cross pollinate. Multiple Varieties available, will have fruit this year! Acid Loving plants.

Perfect Summer Plant. Excellent for jam and eating. Multiply easily.

Ever bearing and June bearing. Great even in containers.

Perfect vine loving plant. Easy to grow. Multiple varieties available.

Easy to grow. Should be pruned annually, makes the plant more manageable. Best known for in Jelly.

Shade/Ornamental Trees

Crimson King Maple
Red leafed all season. Perfect shade tree for landscapes. Different sizes for your shopping convenience.

Flowering Crab
Perfect flowering tree. Spring Bloom. Bloom colors are pink, red and white.

Large Flowers. Sun Loving. Beautiful dusty pink color in the fall.

Sugar Maple
Perfect Fall Color. Large, hardy, trees.

Weeping Willow
Perfect weeping tree. Interesting shape. Great for wet areas.

Fruiting Trees

Apple Tree
Need 2 to cross pollinate. Many varieties available. Nothing better than eating fresh fruit from your own yard!

Pear Tree
Need 2 to cross pollinate. Many varieties available. Perfect for just grabbing and go!

Peach Tree
A few varieties within this zone area.

Cherry Tree
Multiple varieties, nothing better than a sour cherry pie!

Plum Tree
Need 2 to cross pollinate, perfect for eating. Small growing.


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